Life is full of people who don't realize their dreams. I want to be one of those who does.” - John Irvin

About John Irvin

After a long and varied professional life, John is just getting started on his musical career. “I hope that all the things I have been through will inform my playing and my writing,” he says. John likes to joke that when he started  in music, he just thought he had one instrument - guitar - but that now he has three, adding voice and piano to the mix. Five years ago, John left the singer/songwriter world of bars and coffee houses to study jazz theory at Pasadena City College. He has performed in PCC Concert Choir, Jazzadena (the jazz vocal ensemble at PCC), the Studio Singers (another jazz group at PCC), and in the PCC Piano Ensemble. He released one CD in 2014, titled “Runaway Train.” 

Waiting out the pandemic, John can’t wait to get back out there and perform his new songs. Writing has always been his passion, and now he’s ready to take it to a new level.

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Previous events

2nd Sunday Songwriter Series - A Showcase


Ignore the poster date - this month's show moved to Dec 20. A monthly showcase of songwriters and players organized by Dolly Ramirez & JJ Schoch, and hosted by Owen Dara. Formerly was a live event at the Oceanview Bar & Grill in Montrose.

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